Around the South for Nov. 25: IA, AL & FL

Iowa: Trump, Cruz in lead. With the February 1 Iowa Caucuses fast approaching, polls are beginning to mean more. According to the latest poll of Buckeye State Republicans, published in Briebart News, Donald Trump and Ted Cruz have taken the lead from Ben Carson: Trump 25%, Cruz 23%, with Carson 18% with Marco Rubio at 18% each ……. Alabama: Carson, Rubio organize. Ben Carson and Marco Rubio became the first contenders to submit full slates of 76 delegates to participate in the state’s March 1 primary, reports the Washington Post. Meanwhile, John Kasich has the support of Alabama’s Gov. Robert Bentley (R) ……. Florida: Scott backs bigger budget. Fresh on the heels of the latest statistics showing unemployment declining and tourism increasing in the Sunshine State, Gov. Rick Scott (R) has proposed a budget of $79.3 billion, nearly a billion more than this year’s $78.4 billion, reports Sunshine State News …….