Sanders swings through Georgia

Sanders swings through Georgia

Democratic Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders swung through Georgia over the weekend, making an appearance in Savannah on Sunday followed by a campaign event at the Fox Theater in downtown Atlanta Monday night.

Sanders and his progressive message have created a groundswell of support from left-leaning voters, particularly the energetic young base of millennials that other campaigns, on both sides of the aisle, continually have so much trouble reaching.  The Senator from Vermont has no such difficulty in that regard, quickly filling out Sunday the 2,500 seat Johnny Mercer Theater on Sunday evening.

01iowa-02-master675Introduced by Savannah Mayor Edna Jackson, who is in the midst of a contentious runoff, (the vote is on December 1st) Sanders quickly leapt into his classic stump speech.  He talked about how he hopes to make public universities tuition-free, and how marijuana should be removed from the federal controlled-substances act.  It wasn’t a new speech, not one that dredged up any game-changing ideas, but in it Sanders preached his message that his supporters, many young and passionate, need to come together as one if they want to make some of the sweeping changes that they want to see in America.

Sanders will have difficulty gathering much traction in Georgia.  Heck, he’s already slipping in polls nationwide after an explosive Summer that saw him draw dangerously close to the already-crowned Hillary Clinton.  But agree or disagree with his message, (and the vast, vast majority of Georgians do indeed disagree with it) the way Sanders has connected with a millennial generation that is just starting to become politically active is something truly remarkable.  It’s a campaign that has been carried not by talking heads on cable news channels, but by passionate supporters on internet forums.  Sanders may not win the election, but he might be changing the way candidates approach their campaigns.

The full Atlanta rally can  be seen below, introduction from Atlanta rapper ‘Killer Mike’ included.