Around the South for Nov. 27: TN, TX & NC

Tennessee: Tax checking program under attack. Seven months after the state implemented its Retail Accountability Program (RAP), smaller wholesalers and some retailers are complaining that the program is burdensome and costly to comply with, reports The Tennessee Journal. For the time being, lawmakers will monitor the law’s enforcement and see if the Department of Revenue can resolve the problems …….Texas: Been there, done that. Last time, it was eleven states, not one, but Tanya Robertson, a member of the State Republican Executive Committee, will present a resolution calling for Texas to secede and become an independent nation, reports the Houston Chronicle. The resolution may or may not be accepted. However, another effort, by the Texas Nationalist Movement, has so far failed to obtain the 75,000 petition signatures needed to put the secession measure on the primary ballot ……. North Carolina: After state Attorney General Roy Cooper (D), who is challenging Gov. Pat McCrory (R) next year, declined to join a Supreme Court case over whether a Virginia transgender student can use the men’s restroom, the governor announced that he will join the legal battle, initiated by the attorney general of South Carolina, reports the News & Observer …….