Around the South for Dec. 2: SC, FL & AL

South Carolina: Black voters like Clinton. A mid-November survey by Public Policy Polling found that Hillary Clinton’s favorability rating among African Americans in the Palmetto State was a whopping 85%, reports The Hill newspaper. In contrast, Bernie Sanders rating was 32% positive, 32% negative and 36% undecided. More than half the voters in the Democratic Primary in the state are likely to be African Americans ……. Florida: DeSantis to introduce Cruz refugee bill. US Rep. Ron DeSantis (R), a candidate for the US Senate, announced yesterday that he will introduce a companion bill in the House to US Sen. Ted Cruz’s (TX) bill denying entry to refugees from Syria, Iraq and other ISIS-riddled countries, reports Sunshine State News. The bill would allow refugees from those countries if they apply and the State Department finds they are part of a group that is the victim of genocide ……. Alabama: Court orders state to fund Planned Parenthood. After Gov. Robert Bentley (R) effected the defunding of Planned Parenthood clinics in the state, a federal judge ordered the state to resume funding. Two clinics, one in Birmingham and another in Mobile, were affected by the ruling …….