Around the South for Dec. 8: TN, FL & NC

Tennessee: Corker critiques Obama on terrorism speech. “What the president needed to do tonight, but failed to do,” US Sen. Bob Corker (R), chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, said in a statement following President Obama’s address to the nation, “is to articulate to the American people a new, clear strategy to defeat ISIS and protect our country and our allies from more terrorist attacks. Instead, what we heard was more of the same containment strategy.” ……. Florida: Stand Your Ground on legislative agenda. Last summer, Florida’s Supreme Court ruled that defendants citing the “stand your ground” law as a defense bore the burden of proof. In response, reports Sunshine State News, a new bill introduced in the state Senate would require prosecutors to prove “beyond a reasonable doubt” at a pre-trial hearing that the defendant is not entitled to use the self-defense claim ……. North Carolina: Burr loses a potential foe. US Sen. Richard Burr (R), up for reelection next year, already has three Democrats lined up to oppose him. A fourth, however, decided not to run. State Sen. Joel Ford (D) of Charlotte announced he will stay put. “I don’t feel like the timing is right for such a campaign,” Ford said, reported in the News & Observer …….