Around the South for Dec. 11: Latinos, GA & VA


Latinos: Clinton leads among Hispanics. According to a survey released this week by MSNBC/Telemundo/Marist, Hillary Clinton has a 69%-to-27% lead over Donald Trump among Latino voters, and a 61%-to-34% lead over Ted Cruz, whose father is Cuban. Against Marco Rubio, Clinton’s lead is slimmer, 57% to 38%, in part because Rubio speaks fluent Spanish …….. Georgia: Deal for merit pay for teachers. Gov. Nathan Deal (R) this week endorsed merit-pay for at least part of teachers’ salaries, a policy that has already been implemented in some 24 of the state’s 180 school districts. “Now, getting the education community to support that is sometimes difficult,” Deal said, as reported by the Atlanta Journal-Constitution ……. Virginia: Liberty U will allow guns in dorms. Jerry Falwell Jr., president of Lynchburg’s Liberty University, announced this week that the Christian school was rescinding its ban on firearms in dormitories. Falwell urged students to getting training in the use of guns so they can get permits to carry a concealed weapon. Some 950 people at the college already have concealed-carry permits, reports the Washington Post …….