Around the South for Jan. 11: NC, FL & VA

North Carolina: Rubio rallies Tar Heels. “It’s not enough to be angry. You got to know what to do about it,” Marco Rubio told a crowd of some 900 in Raleigh last week. (Trump drew 8,000 last month.) Rubio’s audience was noticeable for a major presence of young people, reported the News & Observer, which pointed out that the Floridasenator has major muscle here, with state legislative leaders and experienced fundraisers in his corner ……. Florida: Grayson may sue Cruz. If Ted Cruz wins the Republican presidential nomination, US Rep. and US Senate candidate Alan Grayson (D) told The Hill that he will contest in court Cruz’s right to the White House, since Cruz was born in Canada to an American mother. “It’s a matter for the courts to determine,” Grayson said ……. Virginia: Independent presidential bid for Webb? Former US Sen. and former Navy Secretary Jim Webb (D), who dropped out of the race for the White House last year, is exploring his prospects as an independent candidate, reports the Washington Post. Webb spokesman Craig Crawford said Webb’s camp has studied the requirements for getting on 50 state ballots and has hired Sam Jones, once a Biden booster, for the next step: “How to pay for it.” …….