Around the South for Feb. 4: VA, NC & OK

Virginia: Court won’t block new map. A legal effort to block a court-ordered congressional redistricting for 2016 failed this week when the US Supreme Court denied a GOP congressional request to forgo the new lines until the 2018 election. The new lines could result in a Democratic gain of one seat. The high court will hold arguments on the merits of the case on March 21, reports the Washington Post …….North Carolina: Banks, Boehner allies aid Jones foe. US Rep. Walter Jones (R), a maverick who voted for Dodd-Frank and against John Boehner for speaker, is getting opposition in the March 15 Republican Primary from former George W. Bush Administration official Taylor Griffin. And Griffin is getting financial support from bankers and ex-Boehner aides, reports Bloomberg News ……. Oklahoma: Fallin budget would end some deductions. Gov. Mary Fallin’s (R) Secretary of Finance Preston Doerflinger outlined budget proposals this week that would end certain tax credits and deductions – including some sales tax exemptions – to cope with a projected $900 million short fall caused by declining prices. and thus revenues, from oil and natural gas production, reports the Washington Times …….