Rubio surges back to electrify South Carolina

Rubio surges back to electrify South Carolina

By Eli Stokols (Politico) –

EASLEY, S.C. — Marco Rubio carried a message to South Carolina: He is “at peace” with his failure in New Hampshire.

He doesn’t mean it casually, as though he has simply come to terms with what happened Feb. 6, when Chris Christie commanded the debate stage and turned Rubio’s own rhetorical brilliance into a withering caricature of a robotic, scripted young senator that sent him spiraling to a fifth-place finish.

He means it, Rubio told a supporter shaken by the knock-down of his preferred candidate, as a Christian.

“The concept of peace in Christianity is not simply peace, like, no-war peace. It is the peace of being at peace with whatever God decides,” Rubio told Don Pendleton, a retiree who’d taken the microphone and told Rubio that he was disappointed after the 2016 contender’s dismal showing in New Hampshire until seeing the swell of support in the room. It was a heartfelt statement that gave the senator an opening to dig deep. “Here is what I am at peace with: Whatever happens next, God will either give me the ability to get around it or the strength to go through it. I think that is also true for our country.”
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