Around the South for Feb. 22: SC, TN & VA

South Carolina: Record GOP turnout. More than 700,000 people voted in Saturday’s Republican presidential primary in the Palmetto State, the largest number ever. Moreover, twice as many voters requested absentee ballots than four years ago. The state’s Democrats will hold their primary this coming Saturday ……. Tennessee:Clinton has big lead among black voters. Hillary Clinton led Bernie Sanders by 74% to 15% among African Americans in the Volunteer State, according to a poll by Public Policy Polling. The survey, reported in The Tennessean, was part of a series of polls taken after the New Hampshire primary that showed Clinton leading in ten Southern states, usually by double digits. Her strong support among black voters is a good sign for Clinton, since African Americans make up a large share of the Democratic turnout in most of the South ……. Virginia: Lawmakers show age-gap on gays. Last week, the House of Delegates passed a bill that would prevent government action against those who discriminate against married same-sex couples, transgenders and those who have sex outside of marriage. The Republican-controlled chamber voted for it, but in a surprise, ten GOPers opposed the measure, eight of whom were under 53, reported the Washington Post …….