Around the South for Feb. 23: NC, SEC & FL

North Carolina: Trump, Clinton lead. It’s 28% for Donald Trump, 19% for Ted Cruz and 16% for Marco Rubio, in an Elon University Poll taken before the South Carolina GOP primary. For the Democrats, it’s 47% for Hillary Clinton, 37% for Bernie Sanders. In a November matchup, it’s Clinton 47%, Trump 41% ……. SEC: Super Tuesday states favor Trump. Trump is ahead in five Southern states that vote on March 1, the so-called “SEC primary,” named for the Southern sports league: Alabama, Georgia, Oklahoma, Tennessee and Virginia. Cruz leads in two states, Arkansas and Texas ……. Florida: Grayson uses online poll to make presidential pick. US Rep. Alan Grayson (D), a consistent maverick and a candidate for the US Senate, has asked his constituents to go to and click on Clinton or Sanders to guide him in making his endorsement decision. Stay tuned! …….