Around the South for Feb. 29: SC, VA & TX

South Carolina: Democratic Primary at a glance. Hillary Clinton won with 73.5% to 26% for Bernie Sanders. She collected 39 delegates; he got 14. Clinton won 80% of the African-American vote, to Sanders 20%. She even won among black voters under 45, though he won with white voters under 45. Some 367,207 folks voted in the Democratic Primary, compared with a record 737,917 in the Republican Primary a week earlier ……. Virginia: Some GOPers unhappy, but … The Washington Post yesterday published a long feature story about Republicans in Northern Virginia who are dissatisfied with their Super Tuesday choices. But the Post also ran an op-ed by Mark Rozell, political scientist at George Mason University, laying out the case that Donald Trump will carry the state (evangelical voters, mainly) …….  Texas: Cruz leading. To stay in the race, Ted Cruz HAS to carry his home state on Super Tuesday. And he will, if NBC’s Marist Poll is right: Cruz 39%, Trump 26%, Marco Rubio 16%, Ben Carson 8% and John Kasich 6%. But Cruz needs 50% to get all 155 delegates at stake, and that looks out of reach for the hard-core conservative …….