Around the South for Mar. 3: Senate, GOP & Next

Senate: Shelby, Boozman win easily. Rightwing candidates, hoping to ride in on the coattails of Trump and Cruz, made poor showings against incumbent US Senators in Alabama and Arkansas. US Sen. Richard Shelby (R-AL) was renominated by a vote over 65% to 28% over Jonathan McConnell and US Sen. John Boozman (R-AR) won his primary by 76% to 24% over Curtis Coleman ……. GOP: Turnout up in primaries. In Virginia, Republicans turned out in record numbers in Tuesday’s primary, with four times as many voters as in 2012. For the Democrats, turnout was down from 2008, their last primary without an incumbent president. Similar trends were present in Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Tennessee and Texas ……. Next: Primaries in the next two weeks. On Saturday, March 5, Kentucky and Louisiana (plus KS & ME) will hold their primaries, followed by Mississippi on Tuesday, March 8 (plus HI, ID & MI). And on Tuesday, March 15, Florida and North Carolina will vote (plus IL, MO & OH). Stay tuned …….