Peachy night for Trump

Peachy night for Trump

By SPR Staff –

Donald Trump, as expected, dominated Georgia in yesterday’s Republican Primary, winning an impressive 155 out of 159 counties en route to accumulating nearly 40% of the vote, some 16% more than his closest competitors in Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio.

The victory wasn’t anything unexpected, as polls leading up to the race, including our own from Opinion Savvy, had him up big in the state.  The race was called by Fox News and other outlets nearly as soon as Georgia polls closed, with neighboring Alabama and Tennessee following with nearly identical results soon after.

Texas Senator Ted Cruz and Florida Senator Marco Rubio will each take home Peach State delegates after receiving over 20% of the vote, but their days seem numbered as momentum continues to build for the Trump campaign.

Wins in Texas and Oklahoma will spur the Cruz campaign onward, while a victory in Minnesota and a close second in Virginia should keep Rubio in the race.  That may not be good for either campaign though, as Trump appears too strong to beat unless the ‘establishment’ finds a candidate to rally around.  Should the Donald win Florida, a winner-take-all state, in two weeks, the race would be all but over.

On the Democratic side Hillary Clinton dominated in Georgia as expected, taking home a whopping 71% of the vote over her progressive rival Bernie Sanders.  The story was the same throughout the South for the former First Lady, who may well have locked up the nomination on Super Tuesday.

Wins in Vermont, Minnesota, Colorado, and Oklahoma, along with a startling fundraising effort, will keep Sanders in the race through the Summer.  But barring a shocking twist, (can you spell indictment?) the race is Hillary’s to lose.