Around the South for Mar. 8: Veep, TX & MS

Veep: Gridiron hosts two running mate prospects. At the annual white tie fete of the capital’s top journalists, the Gridiron Club dinner, two hot prospects for the vice-presidential nomination – one in each party – had honored spots on the dais: For the GOP, Gov. Nikki Haley (SC); for the Democrats, HUD Secretary Julian Castro (TX) ……. Texas: Lone Star Project blasts Cruz & Trump. “Will GOP Fear of Trump Overcome Their Loathing of Cruz?” blared the top story on, an anti-Republican research group. The story quotes ex-presidential candidate Lindsay Graham (R-SC), who once said the choice between Donald Trump and Ted Cruz is “like being shot or poisoned,” but who now says the GOP’s Big Dogs may have to “rally around” Cruz to stop Trump ……. Mississippi: Lott might consider Obama court nominee. Former Senate Majority Leader Trent Lott (R), in an appearance on CNN, said he might have taken up a Supreme Court choice by President Obama “If they were qualified by education, experience, and demeanor and had no other side problem …” He added, however, that the problem for the GOP is that “so many of Obama’s nominees have been so bad and so far left that the trust factor is not there.” …….