Around the South for Mar. 14: SC, GA & VA

South Carolina: Graham differs on Supreme Court vacancy. “Assume for a moment [Hillary Clinton] is president,” US Sen. Lindsey Graham (R) told his Judiciary Committee colleagues, reported the Los Angeles Times. “I’m telling everybody on my side, she’s going to pick somebody probably more liberal than President Obama’s going to send over in a few days. And I’m going to vote for that person if I think they’re qualified.” ……. Georgia: Campus Carry legislation headed to Deal’s desk. The Georgia Senate last week passed a bill allowing those 21 and older, with a proper permit, to carry a concealed weapon on college campuses, reports WTOC-TV. The legislation, which had already passed the House, now goes to Gov. Nathan Deal (R), who has agreed to sign it. The measure still bans concealed weapons in student housing, including fraternity and sorority houses, and athletic facilities ……. Virginia: McAuliffe vetoes protection for Confederate monuments. Gov. Terry McAuliffe (D) vetoed legislation that would have prevented cities and towns from removing Civil War memorials, calling such decisions by local governments “difficult and complicated.” The bill’s supporters do not have the votes to override McAuliffe’s veto, reported The Washington Post …….