Trump KO’s Rubio in Florida

Trump KO’s Rubio in Florida

By Shane Goldmacher (Politico) –

Donald Trump crushed Marco Rubio in his home state on Tuesday — dealing a fatal blow to the Florida senator that sent all of the state’s 99 delegates to Trump as he nears the halfway mark of clinching the GOP nomination.

But Trump lost Ohio to Gov. John Kasich, denying the business mogul the knockout blow he believed would make him the presumptive nominee and giving renewed hope to Republicans bent on blocking Trump at a contested convention in Cleveland.

In a speech after the Florida race was called, Rubio ended his candidacy and declared, “We need a new political establishment in our party.” Though he didn’t cite Trump by name, Rubio lashed out at the Republican frontrunner for running a campaign he said preys on Americans’ fears.

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