Around the South for Mar. 23: AL, KY & AR

Alabama: Bentley to veto budget. Gov. Robert Bentley (R) says he will veto a general fund budget that underfunds the state’s Medicaid program by $85 million, reports The Daily Reporter. The legislators “think there’s a lot of fraud and abuse…,” but “It’s as bare bones as you can get. It’s children, the elderly, pregnant women and the disabled.” …….

KY: Bevin complains about state budget cut. Gov. Matt Bevin (R) said Friday that the state House of Representatives had cut $12 million from his budget earmarked for combating heroin addiction. Bevin called the cut “inexplicable,” pointing to “the undeniable heroin crisis afflicting Kentucky,” reports the Courier-Journal. House budget committee chairman Rick Rand (D) said lawmakers were never told how the money was to be spent …….

AR: Cotton has not endorsed Trump. Despite his appearance over the weekend at a Donald Trump meeting of Washington’s GOP insiders, US Sen. Tom Cotton (R) said, through a spokesman, that Cotton intended to meet with all the candidates and “has remained neutral” in the GOP contest. He is focused on “defeating either Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders” in November …….