Around the South for Apr. 15: FL, NC & MS

Florida: Carson endorses DeSantis. Dr. Ben Carson, a former presidential candidate popular with social conservatives, this week announced his support for US Rep. Ron DeSantis (R) in the contest to fill the vacancy left by Marco Rubio’s (R) pending retirement, reported Sunshine State News. Said Carson, who moved to Florida after retirement from his brain surgery practice in Maryland, “Ron is a thoughtful man of strong character and faith … and is dedicated to restoring America’s founding principles.” …….

North Carolina: McCrory angers anti-LGBTers. After issuing an executive order moderating the state’s recently passed bill to restrict transgenders to the public restroom of their gender at birth, Gov. Pat McCrory (R) is now facing a backlash from social conservatives who support the law. Tami Fitzgerald, an official of the N. C. Values Coalition, told the News & Observer that foes of HB2 “will stop at nothing – until young girls are forced to shower, undress, and use the restrooms with grown men…” …….

Mississippi: Cochran criticizes Bryant. Kate Cochran, daughter of US Sen. Thad Cochran (R) posted a Facebook denunciation of the Magnolia State’s recently-passed “religious liberty” law, reports a release from the Human Rights Campaign. “There is simply no need to continue defending the religious rights of people who already enjoy full rights under the law.” …….