Around the South for Apr. 20: AL, FL & MS

Alabama: Why Sessions likes Trump. In 2005 when the United Nations announced it would renovate its Manhattan headquarters at a cost of $1.2 billion, Donald Trump told the New York Sun that “they’re spending hundreds of millions of dollars unnecessarily on this project.” US Sen. Jeff Sessions (R) read this and invited Trump to appear before a Senate subcommittee hearing, reports the Washington Post. “There is no way it should cost that much…” Trump testified. “If you give it to me, I’ll save you a billion dollars!” Sessions has liked Trump ever since ……. Florida: Court rules against Brown challenge. US Rep. Corrine Brown (D) sued to rectify a redistricting plan that ran her majority-black district east-west across North Florida, contending it violated the Voting Rights Act. Monday, a three-judge federal panel rejected Brown’s claim, reports “In fact, what electoral evidence has been provided demonstrates …,” said the court ruling, “that in East-West District 5, the black-preferred candidate will prevail and in Congressional District 10, the black-preferred candidate will likely prevail more often than not.” ……. Mississippi: Trump has narrow margin. A Mason-Dixon poll of Magnolia State voters released last week showed that Donald Trump has only a 46% to 43% lead over Hillary Clinton, reported Politico. Both Ted Cruz and John Kasich, however, held double-digit leads …….