Around the South for Apr. 21: FL, LA & AR

Florida: Scott tells GOP to unite behind Trump. Addressing 400 Republicans in PascoCounty, Gov. Rick Scott (R), a supporter of Donald Trump, said following the New York primary, that GOPers must get behind Trump to advance conservative principles, reports the Tampa Bay Times. “If we want to win in November, we better rally behind [Trump].” ……. Louisiana: Vitter attacks lower defense standards. Commenting on a Government Accounting Office report that said the Army inadequately assessed troop-reduction risks, US Sen. David Vitter (R) said, “The Administration keeps lowering the standards and requirements, and yet we are repeatedly less and less capable of meeting the increasing threats throughout the world,” reported “This report only confirms the need to fight these misguided draw-downs.” ……. Arkansas: Medicaid expansion advances. The state Senate passed a bill funding the expansion of the state’s healthcare program for the poor, reports An amendment ending the program by year’s end also passed but allows Gov. Asa Hutchinson (R) to veto this provision. Hutchinson has indicated he will exercise his veto and continue the Medicaid program …….