Around the South for Apr. 26: FL, VA & TX

Florida: Graham questions Saudi role in 9/11. Former US Sen. Bob Graham (D), who co-chaired a congressional inquiry into the attacks on the World Trade Center, said on “Meet the Press” that he hopes President Obama will declassify the 28 pages in the report that pertain to a possible role in the attacks by Saudi Arabia. “[D]id those 19 people conduct this very sophisticated plot alone?” He noted than none of them spoke English and added, “[A]ll the evidence points to Saudi Arabia” as a source of support ……. Virginia: Webb says respect Jackson. Former US Senator and presidential candidate Jim Webb, in an op/ed in the Washington Post, lamented media characterization of Andrew Jackson as a racist “monster.” Webb says, like Washington and Jefferson, Jackson owned slaves. However, he noted that Jackson “was a transformational president, hated by the reigning English American elites as he brought populist, frontier-style democracy to our political system.” ……. Texas: Cruz continues delegate recruitment. Relying on well-organized contacts within the Republican Party, Ted Cruz is making sure delegates, even in states Donald Trump won, are Cruz backers and will support him on a second ballot, reports the Washington Post. In Maine, over the weekend, Trump-backer Gov. Paul LePage (R) claimed Cruz violated an agreement to share the delegates based on the March caucus returns. Instead, 19 of the 20 delegates are Cruz backers …….