Around the South for Apr. 28: SC, OK & NC

South Carolina: Graham worries about Trump’s impact on GOP. US Sen. Lindsey Graham (R), a former presidential candidate, said that Donald Trump “is not electable. “I have never been more worried about the Republican Party breaking apart than I am today,” he said when he appeared on New York AM 970’s “The Cats Roundtable.” ……. Oklahoma: Inhofe backing Kasich because … US Sen. Jim Inhofe (R) said last week, “I support John Kasich not so that he could be president, but so that if Donald Trump becomes president, I would want Trump to use him as vice president because Kasich is one of the smartest guys I know.” Inhofe’s remarks appeared in Enid News and were published in Politico ……. North Carolina: Burr backed gay GOPer, sort of. US Sen. Richard Burr (R), up for reelection this year, had planned to host a fundraiser for Chrys Kefalas, an openly gay attorney, in Maryland’s US Senate primary Tuesday. But Burr backed out of the fundraiser, without explanation, reports McClatchyDC. In any case, Kefalas finished third …….