Around the South for May 3: NC, FL & GA

North Carolina: GOP ousts chair, elects replacement. The executive committee of the state Republican Party convicted Chairman Hasan Harnett by large majorities of “major violations” of party rules and “gross inefficiency.” After ousting Harnett, who had Tea Party ties, the party elected former US Rep. and former state chairman Robin Hayes as its new chairman. Hayes urged the party “to unify around the common purpose of defeating failed Democrat policies.” ……. Florida: Rubio, Scott & Nelson get veep mentions. Citing a column by Chris Cillizza in the Washington Post, Sunshine State News (SSN) said that both Gov. Rick Scott, a strong Donald Trump backer, and US Sen. Marco Rubio, an ex-presidential contender, are potential vice-presidential candidates for “presumptive” nominee Trump. On the Democratic side, SSN noted that US Sen. Bill Nelson has been cited by the New York Times as a potential pick for Hillary Clinton’s running mate, in part because his age, 73, would preclude his using the office to promote his own political future ……. Georgia: Perdue cites defense needs. US Sen. David Perdue (R), citing the shrinking US military forces, said, “The world is more dangerous right now than at any point in my lifetime,” reported Perdue blamed the decline in defense spending on the growing national debt, noting the government has borrowed $9 trillion of the $25 trillion needed to run the country for the past seven years …….