Around the South for May 16: FL, SC & VA


Florida: Grayson, Murphy catch flak. In a meeting last week of the Congressional Progressive Caucus, US Rep. Alan Grayson (D), a candidate for the senate, denounced Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid for calling for his resignation over allegations that he ran hedge funds through his congressional office. “It’s not true,” Grayson said. “It is true, and I want you to lose,” Reid replied, reports The Hill. Meanwhile, the GOP is urging Grayson’s primary foe, US Rep. Patrick Murphy, to refund $100,000 donated to a pro-Murphy super-PAC in 2012 by Ibrahim Al-Rashid, who subsequently pled guilt to assaulting his wife. Murphy has already donated $16,000 to domestic violence groups, the amount Al-Rashid gave him after the conviction ……. South Carolina: Graham, Trump talk, but… Despite a 15-minute telephone conversation between Donald Trump and US Sen. Lindsey Graham, Graham still doesn’t support him. The two former rivals, however, agreed to quit attacking each other publicly, reports the Washington Post ……. Virginia: Comstock for Senate? Democrats have found registered domain names for and similar monikers and contend that shows that freshman US Rep. Barbara Comstock (R) has no interest in serving in the House. However, reports the Washington Post, other politicians have done the same thing to guard against someone else registering the name and try to sell it back to the candidate in the future, when circumstances change …….