Cruz looks to ease bad blood with GOP establishment

Cruz looks to ease bad blood with GOP establishment

By Katie Glueck (Politico) –

Ted Cruz’s associates insist he’s returning to the Senate as the same uncompromising, hell-bent conservative he’s always been. But one thing is different, and it’s glaring: The senator who made enemies with fellow Republican senators and bragged about it to voters now wants to play nice — or at least his version of nice — with his colleagues.

And the first step to improving his rancorous relationships, the Texas senator’s allies say, will be to help them keep their Senate seats. The freshman senator wants to return to the campaign trail this fall as a conservative surrogate for Republicans aiming to turn out the GOP base, they say.

“That can go a long way toward establishing good relationships,” said a senior Cruz adviser. “At the same time, though, I’d be wildly surprised if he suddenly started moderating his principles just to get along.”

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