Around the South for Jun. 7: FL, GA & TX


Florida: Voters support a Rubio Senate bid. Mason-Dixon released a poll yesterday that showed that 49% of Sunshine State voters favor Marco Rubio (R) running for reelection to the Senate; 39% opposed him seeking a second term. Rubio has maintained he will not run. Five GOPers are already running for his Senate seat; two or three would be likely to drop out if Rubio changes his mind and runs, reports Sunshine State News ……. Georgia: GOP takes stand against its leadership. At its state convention in Augusta over the weekend, the Georgia Republican Party passed a resolution “expressing displeasure,” as the Augusta Chronicle put it, with the powers-that-be for their failure to pass a religious liberty bill and a proposal allowing guns on college campuses. The resolution was aimed at the GOP-controlled legislature and Gov. Nathan Deal (R). The convention also elected national convention delegates, defeating a slate put forward by supporters of former presidential candidate Ted Cruz ……. Texas: Vela blasts Trump. US Rep. Filemon Vela (D) sent an open letter to Donald Trump attacking his anti-Mexican immigrant policies. “Mr. Trump, you’re a racist and you can take your border wall and shove it up your ass,” Vela wrote, reports the Texas Tribune. Vela added that his own family had been in the United States longer than Trump’s family …….