Around the South for June 15th, 2016

Georgia: Big names host Trump fundraiser.  While many Republicans nationwide remain on the fence, Georgia Republicans seem to be embracing the presumptive GOP nominee.  Governor Nathan Deal and Senator David Perdue are hosting a big money fundraiser for Trump today, which will also be attended by GOP Chairman Reince Priebus.  Florida: Local politicians at odds over Orlando shooting.  Democrats and Republicans in the Sunshine State find themselves arguing following Sunday’s tragic shooting in Orlando, with Dems pointing to gun control and Republicans to Islamic extremism as a root cause of the incident.  Expect a similar schism between the Presidential frontrunners as they discuss the fallout of the attack.  D.C.: Clinton runs away with primary.  In a shock to no one, Hillary Clinton ran away with the Democratic Presidential Primary in the District of Columbia.  With more than enough Superdelegates to secure her bid for the general election, the race was a mere formality for the former First Lady.