Around the South for Jun. 27: AL, AR & GA


Alabama: Sessions for veep? John Gizzi, chief political columnist for Newsmax, wrote last week that “sources close to the billionaire candidate” believe that Donald Trump will pick US Sen. Jeff Sessions (R) as his running mate. Meanwhile, Sessions, the first Senator to endorse Trump, echoed his views on Brexit, in a statement applauding the “strong and patriotic action taken by America’s special friend, retaking its independence… I believe the American people too will choose independence this November.” ……. Arkansas: Cotton for veep? In an interview with radio talk-show host Hugh Hewitt, Trump had words of praise for US Sen. Tom Cotton (R) when Hewitt suggested him as a potential running mate. “I think he is a very talented guy. He’s also very popular.” Even before the Brexit vote, Cotton was on the same page as Trump on the Brexit vote, warning President Obama not to “punish” Great Britain if it voted to leave the EU …….. Georgia: Gingrich for veep? Appearing on Fox News Sunday yesterday, former House Speaker Newt Gingrich told host Chris Wallace that the Brexit vote showed a “general widespread populist rebellion” that must worry Hillary Clinton. “There must be a tidal wave of anti-establishment sentiment growing.” Gingrich also indicated that if Trump picks him for his running mate, he will not make the decision until several days before the GOP convention …….