Around the South for Jun. 30: NC, KY & FL


North Carolina: HB2 to be amended? State lawmakers are circulating the draft of a bill that would amend HB2, the law passed earlier this year that requires persons to use the bathroom corresponding to their birth certificate. The main change would provide for an official document of gender reassignment so that transgendered people could use the bathroom of their chosen sex. The main incentive for the potential change is the fear that Charlotte will not be allowed to host the 2017 All-Star Game ……. Kentucky: Rogers term-limited as Appropriations Chair. US Rep. Hal Rogers (R) will have to step down as chairman of the House Appropriations Committee next year, due to a six-year term-limit rule. Rogers’s absence from the powerful position will weaken the coal industry’s clout in Congress. Rogers represents the 5th District in Eastern Kentucky’s coal mining region ……. Florida: Will Wasserman Schultz keep her DNC job? One of Hillary Clinton’s key allies in her successful bid for the Democratic presidential nomination has been Debbie Wasserman Schultz, who chairs the Democratic National Committee. But Bernie Sanders believes Wasserman Schultz “rigged” the system to favor Clinton, and wants Clinton to name a new chair. She has been mum on her decision, reports The Hill …….