Internal polling shows Gingrich could deliver key swing states

Internal polling shows Gingrich could deliver key swing states

By Patrick Hickey –

A set of internal polls provided to SPR and conducted by a highly ranked and respected firm suggest that a selection of Newt Gingrich as Donald Trump’s running mate could be the difference in several key battleground states.

The survey, which was conducted for a major trade association earlier this week, indicates that a Trump/Gingrich ticket would currently be winning Florida by 5%, while a Trump/Pence pairing shows Trump down one point in a head to head against Hillary Clinton.  A Trump/Christie pairing has similar results.

In Georgia, which Democrats claim to be in play, a Trump/Gingrich team runs seven points ahead of Clinton.  A Trump/Pence pairing runs one point ahead of Clinton and her most likely picks for VP.  But in a head to head between a Trump/Pence pairing and a Clinton/Warren pairing, Clinton carries Georgia by 1%.  In North Carolina, a Trump/Gingrich team carries the state by three points, but carries the state by only one when paired against a Clinton/Warren ticket.  Trump loses North Carolina when paired with Pence or Christie.

More information as it becomes available.