Around the South for Jul. 20: TX, VA & NC

Texas: GOP leader will support Trump. “I would have much rather had Scott Walker, Marco Rubio or Ted Cruz as our nominee,” former Dallas County Republican Chairman Wade Emmett said in an open letter published in The Quorum Report. “But they didn’t win, so I’ll take it like a man and support our nominee.” ……. Virginia: Cuccinelli is Never Hillary. In a Senate Conservatives Fund release, former state Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli discussed Monday’s effort to change the Republican National Committee’s rules. “Unfortunately, the media reported it as an anti-Trump effort. It was not.” He added that he will vote for Trump. “I’m Never Hillary,” he said ……. North Carolina: McCrory signs HB2 revision. In the wake of widespread criticism, the legislature amended and Gov. Pat McCrory (R) signed a bill that restores the right of LGBT employees to sue for discrimination. McCrory said that provisions related to restroom access for transgendered persons will be settled in the courts, reports the News & Observer. A Human Rights Campaign spokesperson said, “No one is applauding Governor McCrory for ending a small part of his massive error in judgment” …….