Around the South for Jul. 28: LA, TX & SC

Louisiana: Fayard speaks at DNC. Caroline Fayard, a New Orleans attorney from a prominent family close to the Clintons, addressed the Democratic convention inCleveland this week. Although she is one of three well-funded Democrats seeking the seat, she said in a Fox News interview that she might end up in a runoff with David Duke, which would put her in a sweet spot ……. Texas: Castro vs. Cruz? HUD Secretary Julian Castro (D), in a joint CBS interview with his twin brother US Rep. Joaquin Castro (D), said running for the US Senate is “not in our plans.” But Joaquin said, “He’s speaking for himself” and acknowledged he is taking a look at opposing US Sen. Ted Cruz (R) in 2018 ……. South Carolina: Haley will vote for Trump. When Gov. Nikki Haley (R) arrived on the Republican convention floor last week, “word spread like wildfire,” reported Charleston’s Post&Courier. “She’s a rock star,” quipped state GOP chairman Matt Moore. When an NBC reporter asked if she was going to support Trump, who she has criticized harshly in the past, Haley at first demurred, but when asked directly if she was going to vote for Trump, she answered, “Of course.” …….