Perdue Lauds Trump speech, which includes death tax repeal

Perdue Lauds Trump speech, which includes death tax repeal

Sen. David Perdue, R-Ga.— one of the few business CEOs in the U.S. Senate— heartily endorses GOP presidential candidate’s Donald Trump’s economic plan outlined in a Detroit speech yesterday. Perdue says:

“We heard a bold vision from Donald Trump — an outsider and businessman — who is listening to the American people. He understands what it means to take risks and deliver results through lower taxes, less regulation, and solving our debt crisis. We know Hillary Clinton will go further with the same failed economic policies that haven’t worked for years. Clinton wants higher taxes, more spending, and she will continue to kill the coal industry. In order to reinvigorate our economy, we must reduce redundant programs, roll back Washington’s regulatory regime, and unlock our nation’s full energy potential. Mr. Trump understands what it takes to unleash economic growth, and with his leadership we can make America great again.”

“Despite what you’ve heard on his legacy tour,” Perdue continued, “President Obama’s economic policies have failed the very people he claims to champion: the hard working middle class women and men in America. Millions of Georgians and Americans are still struggling to make it from payday to payday. This is unacceptable, but not unexpected when we have someone in the White House who had never run a real business before. If Americans want different results from Washington, then we must send a different kind of person to the White House.”

Trump, in his speech yesterday, also included in his tax cut package a repeal of the estate tax, or death tax. Republicans of all stripes, including some Democrats, emphasize that people are taxed every step of the way as they accumulate assets, so they argue their heirs shouldn’t have to worry about an estate tax when they die. Jim Martin, founder of the 60Plus organization of American seniors, underscores that the death tax is far more likely to hit family farms and small businesses than the ultra-wealthy. In a statement to InsiderAdvantage, Martin said:

“Donald Trump understands the crushing burden of the death tax on middle class families and small businesses, and we applaud his plan to abolish it. His plan would help revitalize the sluggish Obama-Clinton economy by letting lower- and middle-income Americans preserve their families’ security for future generations, creating jobs and saving family farms and businesses.”