Around the South for Aug. 15: FL, LA & SC


Florida: Trump courts evangelicals. In Orlando last week, Donald Trump told prominent pastors of the American Renewal Project that they “have a chance to do something that will be earth-shaking” in November, reports the Washington Post. Trump also noted that “religion didn’t turn out” in 2012, possibly alluding to Mitt Romney’s Mormon faith, and cited his own problems in Utah, because voters there had been given “a false narrative.” ……. Louisiana: Kaine preaches to base. In an address last week in New Orleans to the African-American-based Progressive National Baptist Convention, VP nominee Tim Kaine (D), citing the Book of Job, said: “Sisters and brothers, our strength is our creator who has given us the capacity to love, the capacity to lead and the capacity to heal.” The denomination’s leader, reports the Washington Post, responded “Give it up for Reverend Kaine.” ……. South Carolina: Clinton gains. In the latest Public Policy Polling (D) survey in the Palmetto State, Hillary Clinton is within two points of Donald Trump, with 39% to his 41%, 5% for Gary Johnson and 2% for Jill Stein. Trump leads 58% to 30% among seniors; Clinton leads 41% to 36% among those under 65 …….