Around the South for Aug. 22: FL, GA & KY


Florida: Gay candidates abound. In the Orlando area alone, there are two openly gay candidates for Congress and two for state House seats. In addition, reports, there are six other openly gay candidates seeking state offices, in Miami Beach, St. Petersburg and Broward County, including incumbent state Rep. David Richardson (D) ……. Georgia: US House line-up stable. Despite increasingly competitive contests for president, and even the US Senate, the state’s 10R – 4D division in congressional seats is expect to remain unchanged ……. Kentucky: Paul calls for prison for Hillary. Appearing on Fox News last week, US Sen. Rand Paul (R) said that Hillary Clinton’s “conflict of interest” while she was secretary of state was indictable, “followed by a prison sentence,” reported “I’m a big believer in equal protection under the law,” Paul said. “Whether you are rich or poor, white or black, everybody should be treated the same under the law.” …….