Around the South for Aug. 24: KY, VA & CNN


Kentucky: Gay Senate nominee polls better than Clinton. Despite the strong public support for County Clerk Kim Davis in her refusal to grant a marriage license to a same-sex couple, openly gay Democratic US Senate  nominee Jim Gray, mayor of Lexington and a prominent industrialist, told the Washington Post that “I haven’t seen (being gay) as a problem, as an issue.” While US Sen. Rand Paul (R) is leading Gray by 60% to 40% in this Red State, Hillary Clinton gets only 25% to Donald Trump’s 41%, says an early August Babbage Cofounder Poll ……. Virginia: McAuliffe hangs tough on felons’ voting. Gov. Terry McAuliffe (D) has shrugged off GOP criticism and gotten around a state Supreme Court ruling vetoing his mass enfranchisement of some 207,000 ex-felons by continuing the process of pardoning the former prisoners individually. Last week, reports AOL, he added another 13,000 felons to the voting rolls ……. CNN: Story on Hillary’s health may be damaging. Although the commentary on CNN’s story on Hillary Clinton’s alleged poor health dismissed the claims as “conspiracy theories,” the visuals, including one in which she appears to be shaking of her head uncontrollably, another of a secret service agent holding her up while she speaks, and still another in which two people hold her as she walks into a building, may intensify the discussion of her physical condition …….