Around the South for Aug. 29: FL, GA & VA


Florida: Rubio takes high road. Seemingly at odds with a GOP electorate that responded to the anger-driven campaign themes of Donald Trump, US Sen. Marco Rubio (R) in speeches calls the United States “the greatest country in the world.” He said of his optimistic messages, “I do think they can resonate,” reports the Washington Post, perhaps even leading to another White House bid in 2020 ……. Georgia: Isakson wins – in January? Because state law requires that a statewide candidate must get a majority of the votes to win, US Sen. Johnny Isakson (R), running in November at the same time as an embattled Trump, may have to face off with industrialist Jim Barksdale (D) in a January runoff. History suggests, however, that Democrats usually don’t turn out in big numbers in January, so Isakson is still favored ……. Virginia: GOP to hold primary next year. In a 41-40 vote, the state Republican committee voted to nominate its 2017 statewide candidates, including for governor, in a primary, rather than in a convention, as in the recent past. The hotly debated decision angered conservative activists, reported the Washington Post. Since voters do not designate a party preference in Virginia, any voter may participate in a primary; thus, activists on the right believe that the candidates they favor stand a better chance in a convention, which is likely to be dominated by party regulars …….