Around the South for August 30, 2016: AL, VA & AR

Alabama: Sessions OK with Trump on immigration. “The most important thing is to focus first and foremost on a lawful system that protects the interests of the American people first,” US Sen. Jeff Sessions (R), a Donald Trump supporter told Fox News. “If you enter the country unlawfully you’re subject to being deported.” He added that “we’ll have to deal with people who have been here a long time in a decent and fair way.” ……. Virginia: Don’t count Trump out. Mark Rozell, dean of Policy and Government at George Mason University, in an op/ed in the Washington Post, said that Virginia backers of Hillary Clinton should not be overconfident, despite her lead in the polls. “[I]n many states in the primaries, Trump substantially outperformed the results of public opinion polls.” He pointed out that in neighboring  Maryland Trump’s primary performance was six points higher than the last pre-primary poll and notes that a recent Virginia poll showed Clinton up by eight points ……. Arkansas: Hutchinson promotes computer coding. In an article on his tour of Razorback high schools to promote computer science coding, Gov. Asa Hutchinson (R) said the tour gave him the chance to tell students about “exciting opportunities in computer science and coding [that] are real and available to them. It’s about helping students discover professions within these fields and learn to speak the language of 21st century innovation.” …….