Around the South for Sep. 6: NC, GA & TN


North Carolina: Campaigns busy in battleground state. Today, Donald Trump, Bill Clinton and Tim Kaine will all be holding events in the Tar Heel State, reports the News & Observer, where polls show a close presidential race. Then on Thursday, Hillary Clinton will be in Charlotte ……. Georgia: Isakson resists anti-Trump pressure.US Sen. Johnny Isakson (R) has endorsed Trump, but runs his own race on the campaign trail. Some Democrats and civil rights leaders, reports the Washington Post, are urging Isakson to denounce Trump for his anti-minority rhetoric. Isakson, however, only says that all candidates should reach out to all voters ……. Tennessee: Corker blasts peace talk breakdown. “Russia and the rest of the world know there are no consequences when negotiations break down with the U.S.,” Senate Foreign Relations Committee Chairman Bob Corker said in a statement. “They have known so since Assad crossed the red line in 2013… I am deeply saddened by the death, destruction, misery, and instability we have enabled.” …….