New Georgia poll: Trump pulls ahead, Isakson up big

New Georgia poll: Trump pulls ahead, Isakson up big


A new poll conducted by Opinion Savvy for Atlanta’s Fox 5 News echoes what many national polls have been saying in recent days – Donald Trump is surging.  The poll, taken by 568 registered likely voters via a mix of land lines and mobile devices and conducted in Georgia September 13-14 has a margin of error of 4.1%.

The Republican candidate, who as of a month ago was tied with Hillary in Georgia, has opened up a four point lead over rival Hillary Clinton.  Libertarian Gary Johnson comes in third with a respectable 10% of the Peach State vote.

From OpinionSavvy:

  • Trump – 46
  • Clinton – 42
  • Johnson – 10
  • Undecided – 2

Incumbent GOP Senator Johnny Isakson, as expected, is cruising in his race against challenger Jim Barksdale, leading the relative unknown by thirteen points and nearing 50% of the vote overall.

  • Isakson – 47
  • Barksdale – 34
  • Buckley – 6
  • Undecided – 13

Says Fox 5 political analyst and InsiderAdvantage Chairman Matt Towery –

“In the last survey conducted for FOX 5 Clinton and Trump were tied. Several weeks later we see Trump picking up momentum. He now has the support of 22 percent of African-American respondents, which would be shocking were it to hold until the election. He also has made gains among the youngest of voters and is slowly gaining more support from voters who say they are Republicans. Trump leads significantly among independent voters and Clinton still has the vast majority of self-identified Democrats voting for her. The two equally split the female vote but Trump leads among men.

As for Isakson, he is just under the 50 percent mark and with 13 percent undecided, he would be the heavy favorite to win. His main weakness is among younger voters including that same 30-44 age group that Trump is losing. Isakson’s ad campaign, aimed at female voters, gives him a large lead among women. But younger voters are less familiar with Isakson and are trending towards Barksdale at the moment.”