Newspaper endorsements? Not in Georgia

Newspaper endorsements?  Not in Georgia

There was a time when newspaper endorsements were a big, big deal.  As the loudest media presence in a city, (if not an entire region in many cases) the paper’s influence would have a massive effect on a voting base that got its political news from that very same source.  Of course editorial influences made things messy from time to time, (read: all the time) but that was all part of the game.

Now in the age of 24/7 news channels and social media, newspapers have fallen a bit behind.  Their endorsements are just one of many tossed into the cacophony of election noise.  Only twenty of the top 100 newspapers in the country by paid circulation have made endorsements thus far in 2016.  Many major papers, including Atlanta’s own Atlanta Journal Constitution, have officially stopped making endorsements entirely.

But still it stands out that only two newspapers in the whole state of Georgia, and small ones at that, have even bothered to make public endorsements in 2016 with less than a month to go before election day.  The Valdosta Daily Times and Dalton’s Daily Citizen, (combined circulation of less than 30,000) are the only two papers to make endorsements, both for Hillary Clinton.

That part, at least, is no surprise.  Hillary Clinton has dominated the newspaper-endorsement ‘competition’, not shocking due to the generally left-leanings of most news organizations.  What is a surprise though, is the unprecedented fact that the Republican candidate for President, Donald Trump, has received no endorsements from daily papers nationwide.

Even predominantly Republican papers who endorsed Mitt Romney in 2012, such as the San Diego Union-Tribune, the Birmingham News, and the Columbus Dispatch, (which hadn’t endorsed a Democrat since 1916!) switched to Hillary in 2016.  The USA Today, which has the third largest circulation of any American daily paper, for the first time in its history took a political position, urging its readers not to vote for Trump.

Trump, for his part, doesn’t care.  He’s made railing against the media, (while simultaneously manipulating it masterfully) one of the core tenets of his campaign.  But as many elected Republican officials begin to back off the candidate following last week’s leak of sexist comments made in 2005, don’t expect many newspapers to come to his aid in the home stretch of the campaign.