Around the South for Oct. 20: TX, NC & KY


Texas: Polls show state in play. Two recent polls show Donald Trump with only small leads over Hillary Clinton in the Lone Star State. A University of Houston poll found a 41%-to-38% lead for Trump and a SurveyMonkey/Washington Post poll found an even slimmer 48%-to-46% lead for Trump ……. North Carolina: Graham praises McCrory, HB2. Evangelist Billy Graham held the last of his 50-state prayer rallies in Raleigh, where – though he endorsed no candidates – praised Gov. Pat McCrory “and the stand he’s taken” on the legislation to provide bathroom access of their choice to transgendered persons. McCrory “has come under a lot of heat and thank God for him,” Graham told a crowd of 10,000, reports the News & Observer ……. Kentucky: Gray uses Trump against Paul. Jim Gray, the Democratic challenger to US Sen. Rand Paul (R), is airing a TV spot showing Donald Trump at a New Hampshire rally last year blasting Paul. “Rand Paul is using the people of Kentucky… He’s a disaster… The people of Kentucky should get a senator who wants to represent them,” reports the Courier-Journal …….