Around the South for Nov. 3: MS, FL & OK


Mississippi: Thompson in Clinton cabinet? The Congressional Black Caucus (CBC), in a recent meeting with Hillary Clinton’s transition team, recommended that US Rep. Bennie Thompson (D), former chairman of the Homeland Security Committee, be considered for Homeland Security secretary. He is on the CBC’s “short list,” reports The Hill ……. Florida: Early voting producing mixed results. Some four million voters voted early or mailed in an absentee ballot. The GOP edged Democrats by 14,000, reports Sunshine State News. Latinos increased their turnout over 2012 by 32,000 while African-American early balloting decreased by 18%. The latest Realclearpolitics (RCP) average for Florida shows Trump with 46%, Clinton with 45.3% ……. Oklahoma: Caddell sees potential 1980 repeat. Pat Caddell, pollster for then-President Jimmy Carter, told The McCarville Report that Ronald Reagan and Carter were close until close to the end, when “the dam broke” and Reagan surged. Caddell says that Clinton’s latest email problem “could open up significantly” and become the deciding factor in putting Trump over the top. For now, however, the RCP national average shows a slight lead for Clinton – 47% to Trump’s 45.3% …….