Around the South for Nov. 7: NC, SC & TX


North Carolina: Burr would stonewall Clinton justice. “If Hillary becomes president, I’m going to do everything I can do to make sure that four years from now, we’re still going to have an opening on the Supreme Court,” US Sen. Richard Burr (R) said in private comments leaked to the News & Observer. His audience of GOPers applauded his promise ……. South Carolina: Clyburn stumps for Clinton in Pennsylvania. Assistant Democratic Leader US Rep. James Clyburn (D-SC) traveled to Lancaster, PA, on Friday to campaign for Hillary Clinton, one of a number of politicos – including the Obama’s – and celebrities helping the Democrats work the Quaker State, reports ……. Texas: What’s in a name? US Sen. Ted Cruz (R), erstwhile foe of Donald Trump, campaigned for The Donald in Iowa last week, but according to CNN, did not mention the candidate’s name. Cruz, stumping with Mike Pence, called the GOP veep nominee “a good man and a friend.” He also said, “[W]e’re going to defeat Hillary Clinton in this presidential election.” When asked about his omission of Trump’s name, Cruz said, “Well, I am here standing … in front of the ‘Trump-Pence’ plane campaigning for the Trump-Pence ticket, and I voted for Donald Trump and Mike Pence this week.” Later in Michigan, Cruz did say Trump’s name …….