Around the South for Nov. 8: KY, FL, & NC


Kentucky: McConnell boosts Trump. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, after a cautious endorsement of Donald Trump in May, came out more strongly for The Donald last week. “We need a new president, Donald Trump” McConnell said in a speech to the state Chamber of Commerce. He added, “If America votes like Kentucky, we’ll be fine,” reported Briebart News ……. Florida: Scott enters the fray. Gov. Rick Scott (R), who endorsed Trump earlier in the year, has been absent from the political hustings during this campaign. But over the weekend, Let’s Get to Work, his political action committee, donated $50,000 to the campaign to help the state senate maintain its Republican majority. The GOP currently enjoys a 26R-14D lead in the upper chamber ……. North Carolina: Dueling charges. A federal judge ordered some 4,000 purged voters returned to the voting rolls, in violation of federal law that bars such purges within 90 days of an election, reported Meanwhile, the North Carolina Republican Party presented evidence in court yesterday of Democratic voter intimidation, relying on a Facebook posting by Lee County Democratic chairwoman Margaret Murchison that folks handing out flyers denoting veterans on the ballot were using “cheap psychology” and that volunteers should “NIP THIS IN THE BUD even if a baseball bat is necessary,” reports The Sanford Herald …….