Around the South for Nov. 9: FL, NC & VA

Florida: Check the experts. Compare the final results with the last pre-election Real Clear Politics (RCP) average of recent polls in the Sunshine State. RCP gave Donald Trump a whisper of a lead: 46.6% for The Donald to 46.4% for Hillary Clinton. In the Senate race, the latest average was even-steven: US Sen. Marco Rubio (R) 46%, challenger Patrick Murphy (D) 46% ……. North Carolina: Another slim lead for Trump. The final RCP poll average for the Tar Heel State gave Trump 46.5%, Clinton 45.5%. In the Senate race, US Sen. Richard Burr (R) had 47%, challenger Deborah Ross (D) 45%. And in the gubernatorial contest, challenger Roy Cooper (D) led with 48.4% to incumbent Gov. Pat McCrory’s (R) 46.2% ……. Virginia: Clinton had significant lead. The RCP final average showed 47.3% for Clinton to 42.3% for Trump. Both campaigns held election-eve rallies in the state …….