Around the South for Nov. 11: NC, Pot & Race


North Carolina: Governor’s race up in the air. Although challenger Roy Cooper (D), the state’s attorney general, had a 4,772-vote margin (out of some 4,557,538 votes cast) over incumbent Gov. Pat McCrory (R), McCrory has not conceded. Stay tuned! ……. Pot: By 8 to 1, states liberalize marijuana laws. Arkansas legalized marijuana for medical purposes, by a vote of 53% to 47%. More free-wheeling Florida ok’d medical pot by 71% to 29%. Six other states voted for more liberal laws on pot; only one voted no (Arizona), which rejected marijuana for recreational use ……. Race: Exit polls show slight GOP gains among minorities. According to exit polls reported by NBC News, Donald Trump garnered 29% of the Latino vote, compared to 27% for Mitt Romney four years ago. Ditto among African Americans, who gave Trump 8%, to 6% for Romney in 2012 …….