Around the South for Nov. 15: AR, AL & FL


Arkansas: Cotton says reimpose Iran sanctions. Contending that “Iran has already violated the [nuclear arms] agreement,” US Sen. Tom Cotton (R) told Fox News that when President-elect Donald Trump takes office, he could reimpose sanctions on the Middle Eastern nation. “We have a lot of leverage,” Cotton added; “we have by far the greatest economy in the world.” ……. Alabama: Robey in trouble? US Rep. Martha Roby (R) defeated her Democratic opponent by nine points, but received less than 50%. Moreover, reports Roll Call, Tea Party activist Becky Gerritson received 11% as a write-in candidate. Roby got in hot water when, after the Access Hollywood video was released, she urged Trump to step aside and let Mike Pence carry the GOP banner. So a 2018 primary contest could already be in the making ……. Florida: Scott proud, but not moving to DC. Gov. Rick Scott (R), who raised major money for Trump but didn’t campaign for him, said after the election he was “glad that [Trump] was able to win the great state of Florida.” However, he told the Naples News that he did not want a job in the Trump Administration. “I’ll do anything I can to make Donald Trump successful, but I like this job, and I want to finish this job.” …….