Final Georgia election post-mortem

Final Georgia election post-mortem
  • The U.S. Senate race doesn’t support the notion that the Peach State is turning Democrat.  Consider this: Incumbent GOP Senator Johnny Isakson wrapped up 55% of the vote while Democrat candidate Jim Barksdale got 41%.  And of course President-elect Donald Trump got 51.1% while Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton took only 45.8%.
  • Isakson received 46,000 more votes than Trump statewide thanks to some ticket splitting in Metro Atlanta.
  • Factors like Clinton’s negatives, as well as Trump’s, no doubt altered some voter behavior more than party labels.
  • The Libertarian Party saw its Georgia vote total nearly triple from 2012, bringing in over 120,000 votes for nominee Gary Johnson, former Governor of New Mexico.
  • Amendment 1, on the controversial Opportunity School District, only passed in 7 counties – Muscogee, Columbia, Camden, Chattahoochee, Randolph, Dooly, and Quitman.  It lost 60%-40%.
  • Amendment 3, on reconstituting the Judicial Qualifications committee, only failed to pass in Clarke County.
  • Amendments 2 and 4 passed overwhelmingly.